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Monday, May 4, 2009

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We have discovered three new major health items and joined Trivani!
    Suvan[drink], Rakan[drink], and Catacade[capsule].
We are now consultants and distributors for Trivani International.  
       It is Prosperity w/Purpose!   Visit Trivani Foundation!!
   After a glass of high-pH water, we drink an ounce of Suvan with the sunrise.
With lunch we take our two capsules of Catacade; [five-step nutrition!]
and an ounce of Rakan before night rest.  Remember: Suvan, Sun; Rakan, rest.

Regarding current Hini-flu-virus, here is our advice for you:
HT: Good means are paramount! This means you keep a goo diet of veggies/fruit.
Biofeedback will adjust your proper supplement regimen. Then have rest/relaxation.
Exercise for your immune system and "Early to bed and early to rise, with the sun."
   There are also advanced concepts, such as drinking very-high pH water and TF.

And visit and the other sites noted therein.

Another Health Tip concept:   Just because you are exposed to a virus does not mean that your system cannot ward it off.  There are good ‘killer-T’ cells that patrol, part of your Immune System.  It is like virus soldiers vs your body’s soldiers. And like Iraq, you need a strong Offense to fight invading Jihadist viruses, not just hide out in fear.  CF: