The natural human body condition is WELLNESS.

You just have to give your amazing body what it needs!
>  Nutrition       >  Rest and Relaxation       >  Exercise
 >  Mental and Spiritual Growth       >  Detox      >   Etc.
And avoid things that would be bad for your systems.

  Word of Wisdom:   . . .  given for a principle with promise  . . .

Monday, May 4, 2009

Visit to learn new information

We have discovered three new major health items and joined Trivani!
    Suvan[drink], Rakan[drink], and Catacade[capsule].
We are now consultants and distributors for Trivani International.  
       It is Prosperity w/Purpose!   Visit Trivani Foundation!!
   After a glass of high-pH water, we drink an ounce of Suvan with the sunrise.
With lunch we take our two capsules of Catacade; [five-step nutrition!]
and an ounce of Rakan before night rest.  Remember: Suvan, Sun; Rakan, rest.

Regarding current Hini-flu-virus, here is our advice for you:
HT: Good means are paramount! This means you keep a goo diet of veggies/fruit.
Biofeedback will adjust your proper supplement regimen. Then have rest/relaxation.
Exercise for your immune system and "Early to bed and early to rise, with the sun."
   There are also advanced concepts, such as drinking very-high pH water and TF.

And visit and the other sites noted therein.

Another Health Tip concept:   Just because you are exposed to a virus does not mean that your system cannot ward it off.  There are good ‘killer-T’ cells that patrol, part of your Immune System.  It is like virus soldiers vs your body’s soldiers. And like Iraq, you need a strong Offense to fight invading Jihadist viruses, not just hide out in fear.  CF:  

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Here is what I drink each day (an ounce)

From our national eList eBlast, FYI, December 3rd 2008.
Health Tip [HT]: We subscribe to the idea of Wellness to maximize health.
 >  Western medicine waits for disease symptoms and then prescribes drugs; whereas Eastern medicine focuses on disease prevention by boosting wellness.  Try it!  So why do we have a Sr-Drug-Pgm and not a Senior Wellness Program?  Instead of promoting homeopathic supplements and measures, the FDA tries to protect us by destroying them.
 >  Discovered in Germany years ago, biofeedback testing can help determine what you should do with homeopathic supplements (vitamins, minerals, and more.)  Your own body is your best doctor, in consultation with your professionals.  Here is what we drink each day in the area of wellness support, (about an ounce each, each day.) 

Riovida is a natural food-drink that boosts your immune system.  When we first arise, we drink a glass of filtered water, then an ounce of Riovida, plus 4-Life TF-Cardio (capsule with transfer factor.) Boosts to 435%, fyi.

FrequenSea is a complete-food drink  The founder healed himself from the highest level of cancer with marine phytoplankton, the complete food from the sea. [To FDA: this is not a claim.]  We drink an ounce with breakfast.

AloeVera Juice  from  an ounce at lunch & dinner.

ASAP 10-ppm silver solution to take out pathogens, tablespoon at nighttime.  See our ECHO note from yesterday, and visit Silver milk pails, silver thread for wounds, and silverware were inspired ideas. 

On the website of American Biotech Labs, be sure to read the amazing testimony before Congress of 100% cure rate of malaria in Ghana and Rwanda using silver solution for infants, kids, and adults.  The time to cure was five to seven days.  Other university studies are also cited.

There are other inspired supplements we will discover soon.  Please Feedback to us.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

eBook: "Wellness and Avoiding Cancer"

"Wellness and Avoiding Cancer" is an eBook being released soon.
The first comment will include the Table of Contents starting with Welcome and Introduction, including "To the Survivor";    (1) Executive Capsule and Tips to Myself;  (2) Detection and Diagnosis;  (3) First Treatments;  (4) Prevention and Maintenance;  (5) Anti-Aging;  and (6) Summary and Conclusions;   and Bibliography & Webliography.  . . .  Click on 'comment' to read/discuss.

HEALTH TIPS writing in creation-mode

Some Health Tips for You, Merry Christmas '05
As a Christmas present in 2005, we gave a single sheet of WELLNESS tips.  I will put them in as the first 'comment'.    The items covered are:   Diet, Water, Sugar, pH, Exercise, Biofeedback, Baths, Sleep, [Other], Serve, and Obey God.   Click on 'comment' to read/discuss.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wellness is a profession that my wife, Kherna, is highly involved in. I learn a little as I live in the same home with her. She gets out "our daily pills," (as in "our daily bread"), and I have committed to taking them! Se we have supplements at each meal, and the "white capsules" (Transfer Factor) in the afternoon.

I take Rakan before bed each night, and FrequenSea each morning.

I expect that with my wife's expert help with supplements, I am adding years to my life. Thank You!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Man is, that he"/she might BE WELL !

The natural human body condition is WELLNESS!
You just have to give your miracle of a body what it needs:
     >  Nutrition       >  Rest and Relaxation     >  Exercise
     >  Detox     >  Mental and Spiritual Growth     >  Etc!
And avoid the things that are bad for your body: sugar & pop.
Actually, Ma & Pop and Grandpa & Grandma can be good4U.