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Saturday, January 3, 2009

HEALTH TIPS writing in creation-mode

Some Health Tips for You, Merry Christmas '05
As a Christmas present in 2005, we gave a single sheet of WELLNESS tips.  I will put them in as the first 'comment'.    The items covered are:   Diet, Water, Sugar, pH, Exercise, Biofeedback, Baths, Sleep, [Other], Serve, and Obey God.   Click on 'comment' to read/discuss.

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  1. Some Health Tips for You
    Merry Christmas December 2008

    Diet . . . White flour, pop, pizza, over-refined food can be minimized. Emphasize God's gifts of little packages: eggs, apples, pears, oranges, grapes. Salads help your pH, include spinach and olive oil.

    Water . . . There are many reasons to drink enough pure water. It aids all of your systems, including your kidneys, digestive and colon systems. Regularity is aided and is necessary, and for some, mandatory.

    Sugar . . . Your systems run on electrical impulse, enzymes and natural sugar. If you overload on artificial sugar, you foul up immunity and proper nutrition.

    pH . . . Cancers and other diseases need acidic environment to grow, so stay on the basic/alkaline side of the scale. Acidic is about 6 to 7 and alkaline is 7 to 7.5 on the pH scale*. You need some testing strips for morning tests.
    *(saliva or urine—it's too hard to test blood.)

    Exercise . . . Walk every morning or every evening with your spouse or dog. Your lymph system is mechanical and pumps on up-and-down motion. It helps with your immunity to disease and other problems. Go to the YMCA. Try a trampoline or sit-up incline at home.

    Biofeedback . . . Testing will get answers in many important areas: "Your body is your best doctor." For example, which supplements, when, and how much (dosage).

    Baths . . . We all have our ways to relax, and baths afford a soothing influence, plus allows a bath additive to be used. For example, H2O2 hydrogen peroxide or Epson salt draws out the toxins that poison you.

    Sleep . . . Early to bed, and ample sleep is important to allow your body to cleanse and rejuvenate. Certain systems cleanse at different times of the night cycle, and so consistently getting to bed after midnight will be detrimental.

    Serve . . . Serving others brings God's spirit and blessings. It makes you happy.

    Obey God . . . Commandments in the scriptures have reasons. Viz: Word of Wisdom.